Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sit Down and Take Stock

Sometimes we are all guilty of rushing through life and not appreciating the things right in front of us. Of constantly wondering 'What's next?'

I am definitely one of those people! Sometimes I really have to tell myself to have moment and think about what I am doing otherwise it will pass me by. However, I am by no means good at doing this so I have made a promise to myself that I am going to appreciate things more. Whether it be a new lipstick or book that I get. Or a new recipe that I try.

I hope through this blog that I give you guys (whoever is out there reading this) an insight into some of the things that I have loved and some things that I don't love (I'm looking at you figs!)

I am by no means an expert in things I talk about this is just my opinion and it is up to you whether you do anything with it or whether you just ignore me - the latter is probably going to be the best thing to do some days!

All I plan on doing it sitting down with a cup of coffee and penning my thoughts. I hope you enjoy!


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